Nighttime Illumination

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Find the perfect light for your zero-dark-thirty runs



Stay Compact
Black Diamond

$60 / 3.3 ounces

Good things come in small packages: hybrid technology allows USB-rechargeable or alkaline batteries to power this max-110-lu-men, ultra-compact headlamp for up to 12 hours. Alternate between spotlight and flood-beam set- tings, with dimming, strobe, red night-vision and lock-mode options. There is little bouncing, as the batteries load directly into the light compartment—no separate, clunky battery pack. With a wide, comfortable strap and competitive price point, the sophisticated ReVolt provides a solid value.

Free Your Forehead

$60 / 11.6 ounces

Made of a breathable, light- weight mesh, this fanny-pack- style waist belt is so comfortable you may forget it’s there. With three brightness levels maxing out at 100 lumens for 8 hours, a built-in rear flashing red LED light and a lever to switch from flood to spotlight, the light casts a remarkably level beam—steadier, even, than many headlamps. Two additional rear pockets accommodate small essentials.


Light and Motion

$149 / 5.1 ounces

A lithium-ion rechargeable battery powers up to 100 hours of versatile fun—as a headlamp, bike-mounted light or handheld flashlight. Crank up the lumens to a max output of 250 or easily navigate to two other settings or a strobe mode with a one-touch button. Featuring a solid, comfortable fit, the Solite is one of the brightest lights we tested and a good all-around option.


Keep It Simple
Princeton tec

$95 / 5.4 ounces

A rugged, versatile light with two easy-touch buttons allows you to freely maneuver between a max output of 200 lumens and either a spotlight or flood beam. Two lithium batteries power 35 hours of light on the low setting. A comfortable, sturdy strap and optional over-the-head strap minimize bouncing, along with a compact, lightweight battery box.


Boost Your Lumens

$90 / 5.8 ounces

Personalize the MYO with a programmable memory of anywhere from 13 to 141 lumens. Easily switch between wide-angle and spotlight options by flipping up or down a plastic cover over the beam or navigate between modes with the click of a button. Instantly boost power to 205 lumens for 90 meters of light in any mode with the click of a separate button (gloved hands sometimes make this difficult). Powered with three AA lithium-ion batteries, the lamp features a battery pack that rests horizontally along the strap for a bounce-free ride.


Explore Options

$90 / 6.3 ounces

Alternate between a floodlight, spotlight and dual lights for a variety of settings with a max range of 110 meters at 140 lumens. Three AA non-rechargeable batteries allow 15 hours at max lumens or 200 hours on the low, flood setting. While the X-Shot is easy to operate and offers great lighting options, the bulky battery pack rode uncomfortably.



Travel Light
Zebra Light.

$89 / 3.7 ounces

Don’t toss out the directions with the box: offering three main levels, additional sub levels, a strobe set- ting and memory of previous con- figurations, this may be the smartest headlamp you’ll ever wear. a max output of 750 lumens (turbo mode) mimics daylight, while the light can run at 65 lumens for 18 hours or 0.1 lumens for 80 days. This barely there headlamp packs a powerful punch. While the strap is flimsy, it is scheduled for
an upgrade this summer. The lithium battery must be purchased separately.


Switch It Up

$95 / 5.5 ounces

Lightweight and virtually indestructible, this 5.2-inch hand-held flashlight fits naturally in the palm of your hand. Use the impressive 200 lumens for a sharp, penetrating beam for up to 2.5 hours or switch to 15 lumens for 45 hours with the click of a button. Lithium batteries power this reliable, compact light, which comes with an optional lanyard and locking capability to avoid accidental activation.



A unit of standard measurement describing how much light is emitted.


Light-emitting Diode, a semiconductor diode that glows when a voltage is applied; LEDs produce brighter light than other types of bulbs while using less energy.


A type of a rechargeable battery that offers significant weight savings over its re- chargeable cousins (NiCad and NimH) and maintains its charge during extended disuse; however, it fares less well in extreme temperatures.

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