First Look: goodr Sunglasses

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goodr Running Sunglasses
Weight: 0.77 oz
Price: $25

At $25 and 3/4 of an ounce, the goodr running sunglasses aren’t glasses you have to protect with your life and can toss in your bag or on the counter. And… they’re comfortable and don’t bounce!

When running, you may actually forget you’re wearing them. If you have a greasy face, or happen to sweat when you run, you’re used to constantly doing the nerd push up. These are the only pair—no kidding—that this reviewer has been able to wear geek-free. Liberation. They are now a go-to in my sunglasses quiver.

running sunglasses

These glasses are simple, inexpensive and a better all-around fit than some, more expensive sunglasses. They are polarized, feature UV 400 protection and come in two versions (one is slightly fancier and fits larger heads at $35). And they look cool. Fun color options, and a wayfarer-looking frame makes them versatile in addition to the on-trail performance. Wear these and feel fabulous (and sometimes, you just need to feel fabulous after a long run when everything is covered in sweat, salt and dirt).

The style and fit may be an issue for folks going for speed records. If you don’t shave your legs to make yourself as aerodynamic as possible for your triathlon races, however, you probably won’t care.

If the style, affordability or fit don’t convince you, the names will. Some examples:
I’ll Slapshot Your MMMBop
Maybe The Dino Ate Your Baby?
Bigfoot’s Fernet Sweats
Makeup Time With Clifford
Whiskey Shots W
ith Satan

Their promotional video is pretty funny, too.

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—Jacky Thompson is an avid mountain and desert trail runner. When she isn’t rock climbing, running, foraging or frolicking outside, she can be found practicing yoga and playing music.

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