Trophy Series Competitors Clamor to Be Top Dog

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4 questions with Trophy Series ultra leader, Kyle Curtin + a chance to win a Petzl headlamp and $50 gift certificate

2014 Trophy Series race TailCross London took place earlier this month in London, Ontario. Photo courtesy of Tyler Childs.

The 2014 Trail Runner Trophy Series is getting exciting as multiple runners compete for top spots in the ultra distance and non-ultra distance categories. Also highly contested is the title of Trail Fiend, with many runners throwing their hats in the ring to be counted among the top race baggers in the country.

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Here, ultra distance series leader, Kyle Curtin, 27, of Clarksville, Tennessee, shares some insight into how he approaches training and racing.

1. What is your standard training week?

The goal was always to¬†get 100 miles a week. Often life gets in the way, but it’s the goal, at least. Typically it’s 10 to 12-mile runs, six or seven days a week. I do very little speed work aside from road races and then try to get in some long trail runs (usually at night) about every other weekend. Really, I just run as much as I can; it’s a full-blown addiction, so when I need my fix, I go.

2. At what point in the Kettle Moraine 100 (if any) were you certain you would win?

There’s a turn-around at mile 81, so before I got there I wanted to push as much as I could so the second place guy would see how big of a lead I had. I put about 10 minutes on him over four-and-a-half miles and I pretty much knew I had it in the bag then.

3. What is your favorite distance to race?

I really enjoy half marathons and 100s. Halfs are a real comfortable distance to lay down some quick miles, and like Ricky Bobby told me, it’s fun to go fast. I’ve only run three 100s, so I don’t have a ton of experience, but everything else just feels like a training run for the next big [race]. They’re the only races I care enough about to properly taper for anymore. I’ve never raced a 100K or 50K, though, so who knows.

4. What do you find to be the greatest obstacle while racing ultras?

Fallen trees are usually pretty large, but I hear out west there are some big rocks. Sorry, my dad is an engineer and raised me on poor jokes. Everyone always says something about how the mental part is so much harder than anything physical and, when properly trained, I think there’s a lot of truth to that. Honestly I just do my best to run at a sustainable pace and then quit thinking. I hear people always say stay positive, but I don’t buy it. I think you just have to embrace whatever you’re feeling. If I’m getting angry or whatever, I’ll go to the dark side and use that negative energy. Vader was right about it being a powerful force too.


Trophy Series ultra distance leader, Kyle Curtin. Photo courtesy of Kyle Curtin.

2014 Trophy Series Leaderboard, as of July 2014
(May be missing some results that race directors have not yet submitted to us)

Male Ultra

1. Kyle Curtin, Clarksville, TN, 27, 2 races, 150 miles, 550 points
2. (Tied) Chris Downie, Vancouver, BC, 43, 1 race, 100 miles, 400 points
2. (Tied) Gerardo Ramirez, Fort Worth, TX, 41, 1 race, 100 miles, 400 points
2. (Tied) Tim Newcome, Aiken, SC, 39, 1 race, 100 miles, 400 points

Female Ultra

1. Mindy Coolman, Missouri Valley, IA, 32, 3 races, 155 Miles, 558 points
2. Traci Falbo, Charleston, IN, 42, 2 races, 150 miles, 550 points
3. (Tied) Jennifer Hughes, Issaquah, WA, 35, 1 race, 100 miles, 400 points
3. (Tied) Allison Moore, Seattle, WA, 44, 2 races, 150 miles, 400 points
3. (Tied) Lauren Cortjens, Cumming, GA, 30, 2 races, 100 miles, 400 points

Male Non-Ultra (By Age Group Leaders)

10-19 Louis Levesque, Owego, NY, 13, 3 races, 35.9 miles, 68.3 points
20-29 Kevin Labus, Fort Collins, CO, 25, 1 race, 25 miles, 100 points
30-39 Adam Russel, Rome, PA, 35, 4 races, 55.2 miles, 178.7 points
40-49 Jeff Smucker, Woodward, PA, 48, 2 races, 29.7 miles, 105.7 points
50+ Terry Rooney, Philadelphia, PA, 53, 2 races, 29.7 miles, 102.2 points

Female Non-Ultra (By Age Group Leaders)

10-19 Bonnie Hartman, Thornton, CO, 15, 1 race, 25 miles, 100 points
20-29 Megan Truelove, Scott Depot, WV, 23, 2 races, 28.6 miles, 114.4 points
30-39 Hayley Weyhe, State College, PA, 38, 2 races, 26.2 miles, 104.8 points
40-49 Anita Ortiz, Eagle, CO, 49, 1 race, 25 miles, 100 points
50+ Jean Herbert, Albuquerque, NM, 57, 1 race, 25 miles, 100 points

Miles Mogul (Most Series Miles Run)

Male: Larry Hall, Chicago, IL, 200 miles
Female: Anastasia Andrychowski, Lake in the Hills, IL, 200 miles

Trail Fiend (Most Series Races Run)

Male: (Tied) Adam Russell, Rome, PA, 4 races
(Tied) Michael Haffley, Lock Haven, PA, 4 races
Female: 10+ women tied at 3 races

See here for complete standings, or check out the Trophy Series calendar to find a race near you.

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