Trophy Series Recap: Former Olympian Takes to the Trails, and More

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The Trail Runner Trophy Series, presented by Altra Running, is a points-based race series, with 186 events of all distances, all around the country. The series begins in March and culminates in September. Grand prizes are awarded to the runner who logs the most miles, and the runner who runs the most races. The “Mile Mogul” wins a Run the Alps trail-running tour through the mountains around Chamonix, France, while the “Trail Fiend” wins a coveted spot on the cover of Trail Runner magazine.

The Trophy Series is well under way for the season. Here are some updates and stories from the last few weeks. Dale Reicheneder, the 2016 Trophy Series “Trail Fiend” Champion, is currently in first place for winning the cover shot, while Matt Campbell is the lead for the trail-running tour in the Alps.


Greenland Trail Races: May 6, Larkspur, Colorado

Women runners dominated at last month’s Greenland Trail Races 25K and 50K, with Lillie Romeiser, 31, finishing second overall, behind 23-year-old Ian O’Brien. Third place went to 53-year-old Collen De Reuck.

De Reuck, who lives in Boulder, is a relative newcomer to the trail running scene, though her short ultra resume belies her running prowess. The South Africa-native is a four-time Olympian with a marathon PR of 2:26:35 who has held, at various times, Masters age-group records for the 5K, half marathon and marathon. In 2004, just a week and a half before her 40th birthday, De Reuck became the oldest woman to win the Olympic Marathon Trials.

De Reuck began racing ultras last year, finishing 7th at the 2016 Comrades Marathon. She is returning to South Africa to tackle the race again next week.

SweetH20 50K Massacre: April 29, Lithia Springs, Georgia

 Georgia’s SweetH20 50K is notoriously challenging, and this year’s race was no exception. Only the top four finishers managed to run under six hours. “When one out of three starters DNF, that pretty much tells the story,” says race director Johnny Buice of the course, which loops through rugged singletrack in Sweetwater Creek State Park. The hills didn’t deter Florida-native Shawn Webber, who returned to Sweetwater—and won—for the second year in a row.

On the ladies’ side, Sarah Williams snagged first place in her third ever ultra. “Everyone better be on their ‘A’ game next year after she gets another year’s experience,” says Buice.

Per tradition, Webber signed his name on the longhorn bull skull, affectionately named Dry Bones—a monument reserved for the autographs of all previous race winners.

PEAK Ultra: May 6, Pittsfield, Vermont

Rain and unseasonably cold temperatures made for tough conditions at this central-Vermont ultra series, which features 10-, 30-, 50-, 100-, 200- and 500-mile distances. No runners finished the 100-miler, 200-miler or 500-miler (last year, the 100 saw just three finishers).

Ultra Standings


Dan Reifenberg, Fox River Grove, IL, 450 points, 2 races.

Second (tie):
Brandon Benefield, Spokane WA, 400 points, 1 race.
Ryan Timme, New Haven, CT, 400 Points, 1 race.

Third (tie):
Evgeny Sotnikov, Victoria BC, 300 points, 1 race.
Lavan Hoffman, Thomasville, PA 300 points, 1 race.
Trey Clark, Prattville AL, 300 points, 1 race.
Michael Campbell, Manassas VA, 300 points, 1 race.


First (tie):
Jess Mullen, Seattle, WA, 400 points, 1 race.
Van Phan, Maple Valley WA, 400 points, 2 race.
Elaine Stypula, St Clair Shores MI, 400 points, 1 race.
Caroline Boller, Solvang, CA, 400 Points, 1 race.

Samantha Pitts-Kiefer, Alexandria VA, 325 Points, 1 race.

Third (tie):
Helen Summerford, Ridgeland MS, 300 points, 1 race.
Un Ruschell, Kensington MD, 300 points, 1 race.

Non-Ultra Standings


10-19    Port Habalar, Williamsport PA, 166.8 points, 3 races.
20-29    Matt Lipsey, Kersey PA, 166.8 points, 3 races.
30-39    Azarya Weldemariam, Colorado Springs CO, 121.5 points, 2 races.
40-49    Steve Templin, Muncy PA, 120.3 points, 3 races.
50-59    Dale Reicheneder, Malibu CA, 466.8 points, 13 races.
60+       Gerald Bailey, Glencoe KY, 212.4 points, 7 races.


10-19    Elizabeth Shaffer, Jersey Shore PA, 140.6 points, 3 races.
20-29    Johanna Ohm, State College PA, 138.2 points, 3 races.
30-39    Brianna Bair, State College PA, 151.3 points, 3 races.
40-49    Samantha Weaver, Jersey Shore PA, 239.4 points, 12 races.
50-59    Carole Dudukovich, Port Matilda PA, 260.4 points, 6 races.
60+       Jane Kone, Howard PA, 203.7 points, 4 races.

Run most races

First: Dale Reicheneder, Malibu CA, 134.0 miles, 13 races.

Second: Samantha Weaver, Jersey Shore PA, 148.5 miles, 12 races.

Third: Gerald Bailey, Glencoe KY, 83.2 miles, 7 races.

Run most miles

Matt Campbell, Redmond WA, 181 actual miles, 3 races.

Second (tie):
Van Phan, Maple Valley, WA 150 actual miles, 2 races.
Dan Reifenberg, Fox River Grove, IL, 150 actual miles, 2 races.
Trena Chellino, Marietta GA, 150 actual miles, 2 races.
Alex Anaya, Alpharetta GA, 150 actual miles, 2 .

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