Top 10 Most Read Nutrition Articles in 2022

We’ve done the math. Crunched the numbers. Here are the ten most popular Trail Runner articles on nutrition we published in 2022.

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1. How Alcohol Tanks Your Heart Rate Variability and Sleep

By Freya Drohan

More and more people are measuring heart-rate variability using fitness trackers—and seeing their HRV numbers plummet after a few drinks the night before. Here’s why.

fueling and endurance running

2. There’s No Space For “Guilt” In Endurance Fueling

By Kylee Van Horn & Zoë Rom

There’s an implicit message floating around endurance sports that equates processed food with “guilt.” Here’s why we think that’s bogus. 

3. What We Can Learn About Endurance Fuel From Ancient Greece

By Joe Baur

Step aside, sports gels. These foods have been fueling endurance athletes for centuries.

healthy foods for runners

4. These 7 Foods Are Sneakily Healthier Than You Think

By Matthew Kadey

These seven foods make a great addition to a balanced diet, sneaking in extra helpings of important nutrients.

electrolytes for runners

5. The Runner’s Complete Guide To Electrolytes

By the Editors at Trail Runner Magazine

When electrolyte levels drop too low, performance can suffer. Avoid that dip by dialing in your nutrient intake.

6. I Run With Nothing But Coffee In My Stomach. Is That Destroying My Insides?

By Alex Borsuk Hasenohr

You run super early in the morning and only slug a cup of caffeinated coffee before the run. No food. Is that bad for your stomach?

how to fuel for an ultramarathon

7. The Do’s and Don’ts of Fueling for Trail Races

By the Editors at Trail Runner Magazine

Elite runners share the rules they stick to when it comes to fueling up before a race…including lessons learned the hard way.

white powder of a supplement and a grey scoop

8. Should Runners Supplement With Creatine? 

By: Flora Beverley

With all the buzz around this popular supplement, here’s the science behind whether or not endurance athletes should consider it. 

9. I’m A Sports Nutritionist And These Are By Far The Three Most-Common Issues I See With My Athletes.

By Alex Borsuk Hasenohr

“You’ve been seeing clients for many years and you’re an accomplished elite mountain athlete. What are three themes you see folks getting wrong in their approach to endurance nutrition?”

Nutrition Questions

10. The Most Googled Trail Running Nutrition Questions, Answered

By: Zoë Rom

Our expert nutritionists answer your most-searched nutrition questions.

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