New Balance 110v2 Trail-Running Shoe (Fall 2014)

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9.5 oz | 4mm drop | $89.99




The Dirt: New Balance’s 110v2 is a significant redesign of the 110v1 model. Most noticeably, the fit has become significantly narrower, with a pointy toebox replacing the wider one of the 110v1. The mesh upper is also more breathable and flexible than its previous iteration.

Though relatively light, the 110v2 has enough cushion and stability to handle longer distances. A rock plate running the length of the foot offers protection on rocky trails, and the grippy, aggressive tread can handle a variety of terrains.

Best For: Everything from hard-packed dirt to mud and snow to rocky trails and technical descents; runs up to ultra-distance.

Fit: Narrow, with a pointed toebox.


Tester Raves

  • “The 110v2 seems to handle well for speed and on surfaces that allow a quick bounce back with the stiff sole. Also, this shoe is great for bombing hills.”
    —Jonathan Loewus-Deitch
  • “It’s both light and sturdy. My feet were well-cushioned on all types of terrain, yet I still felt fast … Like any great shoe, they weren’t much of a factor and simply let me be who I am as a runner.”
    —Liana Heitin

Testers on Fit

  • “I have a narrow foot, so the width was fine for me. However, I can see them being too narrow for other women. Also, the toebox might be too small for some. I did have the beginnings of a black toe (a rarity for me) and wearing these shoes seemed to make it a bit worse.
    —Liana Heitin
  • “If you were a fan of the 110v1, you probably won’t like the totally different fit of the 110v2. It’s narrow for my average-width foot, so anyone with even slightly wide feet should look elsewhere. The toebox squeezes my toes into a pointed arrow shape, resulting in hot spots on both big toes and pinky toes … Conversely, the heel is too wide and slips a lot.”
    —Iris Sutcliffe
  • “I felt that my foot was secure at all times due to the back of the shoe being designed well enough to cup and hold the heel.”
    —Jonathan Loewus-Deitch
  • “New Balance ruined the fit of this shoe by making it so narrow and pointy in the forefoot. I usually wear a 10.5 but due to the narrow fit I had to bump up to a size 11.”
    —Jim Martin

Testers on Tread

  • “I’d feel confident running on pretty much anything with these (with the exception of asphalt) … The grip is aggressive, but not so much that they’re uncomfortable on hard pack.”
    —Ben Luedke
  • “The 110v2 was able to grab and not slip off roots and rocks while coming down steep hills. This aggressive sole is built to withstand a beating on the most technical trails.”
    —Jonathan Loewus-Deitch
  • “The lugs are decently grippy on muddy stuff, and the squishy insole is forgiving on rocky sections.”
    —Iris Sutcliffe

Testers on Downsides

  • “The strange wide-to-pointy fit made running downhill unsettling and runs longer than a few miles a blister-fest.”
    —Iris Sutcliffe
  • “The pointed toebox is a deal-killer … I can feel my toes being squeezed the moment I put the shoes on. There’s definite pressure against the medial side of the foot, extending from the side of the big toe down toward the midfoot.”
    —Ben Luedke
  • “The tongue easily folds up on the sides, allowing debris to come into the shoe.”
    —Jonathan Loewus-Deitch


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