Adventure, Simplified.

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What do you love about trail running?

The sound of wind tickling pine trees. The smell of fresh rain on a fern. The steady rhythm of your feet flying over dusty single track. The drum beat of your own breath, made visible in the early morning chill. 

What connects us to this sport is its simplicity. Most of us didn’t get into trail running because we love data, digits, and gear. We’re here because we love community, connection, and adventure. Simple. We like our coffee black and our whiskey neat. We know that less is more, and what we want more of is time outside on the trails. 

It’s easy to forget what called us to this movement in the first place, and we can get bogged down with apps, gadgets, and the stuff of daily life. 

What does it take for us to get back to the basics? To reconnect with our simple love of adventure? Well, the easy answer is to simply lace up your shoes and go. 

Here is our collection of stories to help us tap into simpler adventures. To rekindle our affection for stripped-down pursuits and authentic connection. This is an invitation to get back to the basics. To unburden yourself of the things that might be holding you back in the pursuit of lifelong adventure. 

It’s adventure, simplified. See our full collections of stories that re-connect us with adventure, pure and simple. 

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