2017 Trophy Series Final Results

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The Trail Runner Trophy Series, presented by Altra Running, is a points-based race series, with 186 events of all distances, all around the country. The series begins in March and culminates in September. Grand prizes are awarded to the runner who logs the most miles, and the runner who runs the most races. The “Mile Mogul” wins a Run the Alps trail-running tour through the French and Swiss alps, while the “Trail Fiend” wins a coveted spot on the cover of Trail Runner magazine.

Final results are in for the 2017 Tophy Series.  Check the full list here, or look below for a recap of grand-prize winners and winners in ultra and non-ultra categories.

Run most races

First Dale Reicheneder, Malibu CA, 490.17 miles, 52 races
Second Samantha Weaver, Jersey Shore PA, 538.66 miles, 44 races
Third Gerald Bailey, Glencoe KY, 477.61 miles, 22 races

Run most miles

First Samantha Weaver, Jersey Shore PA, 538.66 miles, 44 races
Second Dale Reicheneder, Malibu CA, 480.17 miles, 51 races
Third Gerald Bailey, Glencoe KY, 477.61 miles, 22 races

Ultra Standings

First. James Barnard, Clinton TN, 1056 points, 1 race
Second Cory Logsdon, Omaha NE, 864.4 points, 4 races
Third Georg Kunzfeld, Frankfurt Germany, 800 points, 1 race

First Donna Loparo, Winter Springs FL, 1080 points, 2 races
Second Debbie Bulten, Cambridge ON, 900 points, 2 races
Third Elaine Stypula, St Clair Shores MI, 700 points, 2 races

Non-Ultra Standings

10-19 RJ Bascom, Front Royal VA, 509.2 points, 9 races
20-29 Matt Lipsey, Kersey PA, 597.2 points, 12 races
30-39 Norb Baier, Port Matilda PA, 187.1 points, 7 races
40-49 Steve Templin, Muncy PA, 247.3 points, 6 races
50-59 Dale Reicheneder, Malibu CA, 1446.49 points, 52 races
60+ Michael Ranck, Deer Lake PA, 681.94 points, 15 races

10-19 Mallory Lovell, Georgetown KY, 145.96 points, 9 races
20-29 Johanna Ohm, State College PA, 452.6 points, 8 races
30-39 Brianna Bair, State College PA, 276.1 points, 5 races
40-49 Samantha Weaver, Jersey Shore PA, 695.76 points, 44 races
50-59 Carole Dudukovich, Port Matilda PA, 644.4 points, 14 races
60+ Jane Kone, Howard PA, 558.8 points, 12 races

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