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Why we’re so stoked on FKT’s.

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Starting today, we’re stoked to welcome Fastestknowntime.com to the Outside family!

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To support FKT’s success, Outside is investing in additional staff to uphold the governance and record-keeping at the heart of this organization while also investing in the backend infrastructure to improve the user experience.

Outside also plans to continue partnering with the regional editors who have been instrumental to FKT’s growth. FKT’s original founder, Buzz Burrell, will continue to serve as an advisor to FKT, and co-founders Peter Bakwin and Jeff Schuler look forward to focusing on their full-time roles outside of the company.

FKTs have long been popular amongst a niche group of off-road runners who feel more at home exploring multi-day or even multi-sport routes, as opposed to competing in increasingly crowded and expensive trail running events and races. 

The objective is to set an unofficial record for running a route in the shortest time possible. No bibs, no swag bag, no spectators, no medals. Just you, the clock, and a trail. 

Every state, every Province, and 63 countries have FKT routes. Chances are, there’s one near you. They can be in the middle of cities, like the 50k Manhattan Loop, traverse deserts like the Grand Canyon Crossings (once, twice, or even five times consecutively) go up mountains like Everest’s infamous Mailrun or cross meandering midwestern trails like Michigan’s Manistee River Trail Loop. From Montana to Malaysia, athletes are going big. A new 3,041-kilometer route was just established that crosses all of France entirely on trails.

We’re biased, but this is great news because WE LOVE FKTs. They’re the best of all possible trail running worlds: a way for everyday runners and elite athletes alike to challenge themselves and connect with nature. They’re affordable. They’re accessible. If there’s not one in your backyard, you can go set it RIGHT NOW. FKTs represent the best of what it means to be a trail runner. A no-BS approach to being your best self and exploring nature on your own two feet. We hope these stories inspire you to push your limits and get outside today. 

Whether you’re striving to set a highly competitive FKT like R2R2R, facing the elements on Nolan’s 14, or setting a Personal Fastest Known Time (PFKT) on your favorite local trail, we’re proud to be your one-stop guide. 

See our coverage of all things FKT here. 

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