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Hello, valued Trail Runner readers and supporters. We at Trail Runner have had the pleasure and honor of bringing you core trail-running content for over 20 years now, and have some exciting news to share. 


Humble Beginnings


But first, backing up a bit, in 2002, Big Stone Publishing was formed to acquire and produce Trail Runner and Rock and Ice magazines, existing titles previously owned by North-South Publications, way back in the Dark Ages before the explosion of the World Wide Web. Both titles, of course, eventually developed websites, and have been cranking out online articles as well as print articles non-stop ever since, seeking to inspire all trail runners, from the weekend warrior to the hardcore pro. In addition, we have always aimed to promote a strong community, through our social-media channels and running and photo camps and, recently, the Trail Runner DNF Podcast.

Fast forward to 2020. In October, Big Stone Publishing was purchased by Pocket Outdoor Media, becoming part of a much larger stable of enthusiast publications that included Women’s Running and Podium Runner, among a couple-dozen other properties. Then—kaboom!—in March of this year, Pocket Outdoor Media set the outdoor-sports world abuzz with its acquisition of the venerable Outside magazine—along with its companion entities Outside TV, Gaia GPS, athleteReg.com and Peloton—nearly doubling the size of the company overnight.

So, what does all this mean for readers of Trail Runner and trailrunnermag.com? The editorial staff here is super excited about the potential our new structure at Outside—our new overall company name—provides to expand our offerings to you. 


Today, May 18, 2021, we are debuting a whole new membership program called Outside+.

This valuable new annual option will include:

  • two magazine subscriptions—one to any of Outside’s numerous titles, such as Trail Runner, and another to Outside magazine, including its Winter and Summer Buyer’s Guides;
  • if you choose to subscribe to Trail Runner, you will receive five beefy editions including our annual soulful journal-style issue called DIRT;
  • a subscription to the awesome Gaia GPS Premium map app (a $40 value alone!);
  • two VeloPress books with titles like Trailhead: The Dirt on All Things Trail Running, Hal Koerner’s Field Guide to Ultra Running, and Kicksology: the Hype, Science, Culture & Cool of Running Shoes;
  • access to exclusive online content, webinars and Q&As with top coaches and voices in the sport, such as David Roche, Brian Metzler and Addie Bracy, how-to videos, race photos and other benefits, including a customizable dashboard for you to aggregate tons more great content from all of the Outside titles. 

So please tune in to trailrunnermag.com and hit the JOIN button in the upper right, or click here.


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