The Five Most Read Trail Runner Articles in April 2022

Curious what's trending? Here were the five most popular Trail Runner articles published in April.

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David Roche training science elite runners ultra

1. The Science Behind How Elite Runners Train

by David Roche

A wonderful new review article analyzed the literature and online resources to summarize the training that makes athletes into the best in the world. It’s got everything: easy running, workout structure, season design, tapers, and so much more. Let’s dive into one of the most incredible articles ever.


Fueling Food ultra running carbs

2. Increasing Carb Intake Before And During Races May Improve Endurance Performance

by David Roche

A 2021 study gathered data on what nutrition runners consumed before and during a 24-hour ultra run. Quantity of carbohydrates leading up to the event and during the event both correlated with performance outcomes. What does that mean for long races? Keep the carbs coming.


tommy rivs boston marathon
(Photo: Nick Gruen Photography)

3. Tommy Rivs’ Cancer-Free Return to the Boston Marathon Was Beautiful

by Brian Metzler

Five years ago, Thomas “Rivs” Puzey competed in the Boston elite field. This year, he was glad to be among the last to cross the finish line.


warm ups for trail runners
(Photo: Getty Images)

4. Your Pre-Run Warmup Routine Might Be Wrong

by Kristen Kennedy

Here are three common myths about how to warm up before you run (and how you can address them to avoid injuries).


nasa inspired running gear
(Photo: Getty Images)

5. Space Inspo: How NASA is Influencing Trail Running Gear

by Alex Tzelnic

In 1969, we put a man on the moon. Now two brands are weaving moon-worthy innovations into performance gear.

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