Pro Tips for Your 2018 Training

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We’ve all set goals for the year, be they new distances, PRs or big peaks. Now comes the hard part: putting in the miles, logging workouts and setting yourself up for success, both this season and for years of running to come.

Our 2018 wall calendar features 12 training and running tips from 12 athletes.

David Roche
1st place, 2016 Way Too Cool 50K (and Trail Runner contributing editor)

“Take easy running seriously. It’s hard not to get caught up in running faster and faster, just because you can. But consistent easy running is the key to unlocking your potential, because it lets you stay healthy and run longer.

Eventually, by running easy a lot and faster a little, you may even find your ‘easy’ pace becomes faster than you thought possible.”

Joseph Gray
2016 World Mountain Running Champion

“To help boost stride efficiency, uphill power and your ability to handle pounding downhill, do some adaptation training for the feet. I use the Trail or Vapor Glove (zero drop, minimal cushion) for light running within each training cycle to build up muscles in my feet and improve toe-off power.”

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 Max King
3rd place, 2017 Marathon du Mont Blanc

“Throughout my career, others have pushed me and inspired me to make myself a better runner. As I get older, I like to push the limits of what I’m capable of and show others that they are capable of more than they thought possible, too.

But, as you continue to push yourself, remember you only push past your limits by understanding your body and learning the importance of rest and recovery.”

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Brett Stublet
Owner, Durango Running Store

“Trail running can offer you whatever experience you are looking for: a chance for quiet solitude or the energy and camaraderie of a group run. Most communities have running clubs and group runs that can be a ton of fun.”

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Joe Grant
2nd, 2017 Hardrock 100

“Keep running simple. Too often, we over-complicate running with excessive metrics, data and expectations that distract from the basic act of just moving on foot.

By shifting our perspective, we can approach running in a more relaxed state of mind. That mental ease translates to better physical performances, but also greatly enhances the overall running experience.” Brought to you by Black Diamond

Mirna Valerio
High-school teacher and running ambassador

“Every trail run is an opportunity to engage our basic of instincts, surviving and flourishing in nature.”

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Cat Bradley
2017 Western States champion

“Don’t put too much stock in training. Sure, there is a time and place to put in the work and take your running just a little bit seriously. But if you ever start resenting your running shoes, and the time outside no longer contributes to your happiness, throw out your training plan and rebuild your relationship with the sport.

Run when you want and what you want (or not at all), until you feel excited about training again.”

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Tim Freriks
1st place, 2017 The North Face Endurance Challenge 50-Mile Championships

“The long run is a staple. Challenge yourself by running longer than what is comfortable. You must find “comfort in the chaos,” and nothing mimics this more than the long run.

If I can battle through a hot, dry day in the Grand Canyon with 5,000 to 9,000 feet of climbing, I know that I will have the tools to keep pushing on race day.”

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Courtney Dauwalter
1st place, 2017 Moab 240

“I am intrigued and inspired by what our bodies, brains and determination can accomplish. Wondering what else is possible keeps me heading out the door every day to push my own limits.

Keep moving forward. The low spots will pass if  you give them time, and that time may as well be spent covering some miles. We are capable of more than we give ourselves credit for.”

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Chris Harrington
Running ambassador

There’s no magic pill, food, training tip or shortcut to get you where you want to be. Learn to love the everyday grind, be patient with results and don’t be afraid to take on challenges that make you uncomfortable. Whether it’s everyday life or training, that’s where growth always happens.

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Kaci Lickteig
2016 Western States 100 champ

Be flexible. Your running schedule should not rule you. As long as you get the key runs in, don’t fret if it isn’t on the scheduled day. Make sure you account for life and stress.

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Brian Tinder
2nd place, 2015 Transrockies Stage Run

Trail running is my church. It’s the only time I can pray and meditate without life’s distractions. I confess I’m no saint but nature never seems to care.

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