The Best Backpacking Kitchen Gear of 2022

Feast-making cookware that won’t slow you down

Photo: Inga Hendrickson

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Vssl Java Coffee Grinder ($160)

Vssl Java Coffee Grinder
(Photo: Courtesy Vssl)

After a rough night at 11,000 feet in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains, this six-inch-long bean machine saved the day by helping us prepare the perfect cup. Stainless-steel burr blades keep the grind size consistent, aided by a clearly labeled dial that adjusts from fine to coarse. The Java has a lightning-fast grind compared to other manual models, with an extendable cranking lever that transforms into a carabiner. 13.9 oz

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Hydro Flask 12 oz Outdoor Tumbler ($25)

Hydro Flask 12 oz Outdoor Tumbler
(Photo: Courtesy Hydro Flask)

From fireside cocktails to morning rocket fuel, this double-wall-insulated 12-ounce tumbler wins out over any old aluminum mug thanks to thoughtful details. Not only does it keep drinks hot or cold for hours at a time (with the gasketed lid on), but the 3.5-inch diameter happens to line up perfectly with an AeroPress coffee filter. Cup measurements etched into the stainless-steel interior help with precision while prepping meals or measuring spirits. 7.2 oz

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Full Windsor Magware Magnetic Flatware Kit ($35)

Full Windsor Magware Magnetic Flatware Kit
(Photo: Courtesy Full Windsor)

This svelte aluminum utensil kit is more than a pretty face. The fork, spoon, and knife set impressed us with its lightweight and (per our testing) unbendable construction during trips in the Tetons and an overnight in the Panamanian jungle. All three utensils nest securely thanks to magnets slotted into their handles, and they slide into a compact recycled-polyester carrying pouch. 2 oz

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UCO Eco 5-Piece Mess Kit ($30)

UCO Eco 5-Piece Mess Kit
(Photo: Courtesy Uco)

Made of sturdy, 100 percent recycled industrial plastic, this bowl, plate, and utensil kit won us over with its convenience and security. The spoon and bowl have matching curvature, which helped us scrape up every morsel of late-night spicy mac and cheese in Moab, Utah. A locking, gasketed lid and tether keep everything (including utensils) in place for stuffing in a pack. 14 oz

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Primus Lite XL Stove ($140)

Primus Lite XL Stove
(Photo: Courtesy Primus)

Fuel-efficient and reliable in adverse weather, the Lite XL proved to be a workhorse stove last summer. During a sudden storm in Wyoming’s Gros Ventre Wilderness, the one-pound integrated stove system still managed to bring a full liter of water to a boil in two and a half minutes. The Lite XL is taller, narrower, and easier to pack than its previous iteration but still wide enough to sauté veggies for our favorite breakfast hash. 1 lb

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Grayl UltraPress Filter ($90)

Grayl UltraPress Filter
(Photo: Courtesy Grayl)

This grippy, durable TPE-coated bottle has an integrated press-style filter: Unscrew the cap to remove the activated-carbon cylinder, fill the bottle, then plunge the lid back down. This made it easy to sip from streams during day hikes in the Tetons and replenish bottles for four in Mount Rainier National Park. The UltraPress lasts for 300 presses, takes only ten seconds to filter 16.9 ounces of water, and has a wide spout you can sip directly out of. 12.5 oz

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GSI Outdoors Halulite 1.8L Tea Kettle HS Pot ($45)

GSI Outdoors Halulite 1.8L Tea Kettle HS Pot
(Photo: Courtesy GSI)

For those who favor dehydrated backpacking meals, this 1.8-liter backcountry kettle just might be the only pot you need. The hard-anodized aluminum design boils water faster than traditional titanium pots, with a wide base that efficiently melts snow. The narrow spout and foldable locking handle prevent scalding liquid from spilling when pouring into a meal pouch. Bonus: The spacious interior fits 110- and 230-gram fuel canisters, saving pack space. 10.9 oz

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