UNPLUGGED 10K Fast Wireless Powerbank by myCharge

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myCharge UNPLUGGED 10K Fast Wireless Powerbank 
0.4 lbs.

Battery: 10,000mAh Lithium Ion
Dimensions: 2.8 in x 0.8 in x 5.8 in
Wireless Output: 10 Watts
USB Port: 2.4A output
Price: $70

Pros: Meets several brands’ fast-charging standards, able to charge the powerbank while charging devices, can charge up to three devices at one time.

Cons: While the myCharge features faster wireless charging than many devices, the technology is still significantly slower than charging via USB.

For many of us, our smartphones are an essential piece of equipment in the backcountry. The ability to carry maps, books and photos all in one place makes them not only convenient, but a way to save weight on overnight trips or long runs. The problem is that the battery on smartphones is, well, limited. There is nothing worse than having your phone die in the middle of a trip when it was your only access to a map of the area. Because of this, powerbanks, or portable chargers, have become a vital accessory for many in the backcountry. We took a look at one of the better portable chargers out there, the myCharge UNPLUGGED 10K, a powerful device with a pretty nifty special feature.

The myCharge UNPLUGGED 10K Fast Wireless Powerbank is a 10,000mAh 10W backup battery that has two built-in USB ports and built-in Qi wireless charging so you can charge up to three devices at once. With the wireless feature you can put a compatible smartphone on top of the charger and it will charge without a cable attached. It is important to note that wireless charging is restricted to certain devices such as newer iPhones, the Sony Xperia and the Samsung Galaxy. However, it will charge all phones if plugged in.

The myCharge is quick, charging devices at or close to the same speed as a wall outlet will. This myCharge will fully charge an iPhone 7 up to three times, which is pretty darn amazing, especially when considering the device’s relatively small size. It is about the size of a smartphone.

The myCharge is an impressive and powerful little pack. It is certainly one of the best powerbanks on the market, especially if you have a smartphone that is compatible with wireless charging.

—Sean Van Horn is a cyclist turned trail runner from Carbondale CO. A manager of a local run shop, Sean spends way too much time thinking about feet and all things running.

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