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First Look: Knog Bilby Run 400 Headlamp

Built to help runners see and be seen, Knog’s Bilby Run 400 headlamp not only lights the way but also keeps runners visible to trailside traffic

Photo: Knog

Whether you’re training for an event, tackling a big route, or just enjoying a daybreak run, daylight hours aren’t always enough to get your mileage in. For those pre-dawn or after-sundown runs, the Knog Bilby Run 400 is your ultimate companion, especially when you’re likely to be sharing the trail or the road. With an emphasis on both eyeline and peripheral vision and up to 400 lumens, this silicone headlamp makes it easy to see what’s ahead and for traffic to see you so you can hit the trail safely any time of day. Priced at $69.95, this headlamp delivers high-performance features in an affordable package. Here’s a look at what sets the Bilby Run 400 apart.

Knog Bilby Run 400
The Knog Bilby Run 400 comes in four light pod color options to best suit your style. (Photo: Knog)

See and Be Seen

Right out of the gate, the Bilby Run 400 has a unique aesthetic. But the clear silicone headband that gives the headlamp its look isn’t just a matter of style. Knog has positioned two internal red LEDs to illuminate the silicone strap from within. This creates a red halo effect, flashing or steady, that makes the wearer much more visible to vehicular or trail traffic.

With seven dimmable light modes that can be used in tandem with the side red halo lighting, the Bilby Run 400’s output can be customized to any conditions or preference. Plus, electronic controls let you manipulate the angle of the beam over a 20-degree arc with just the touch of two easy-to-reach buttons. No more fumbling with mechanical adjustments that never seem to land at the exact angle you need. Bilby Run 400 is also compatible with Knog’s Modemaker App so you can customize the lighting modes anytime. 

Used on full-blast or at a steady glow, the rechargeable headlamp has an LED battery level indicator so you’re never caught in the dark. Plus, when you run out of juice, just pop out the lighting pod and plug the integrated USB connector into any USB-A port for a full charge in just four hours. No cord needed.

Tip: Knog’s PWR Solar Panel is a great companion for an on-the-go battery recharge.

Durability and Fit

For a lightweight headlamp (weighing in at 3.2 oz), the Bilby Run 400 holds its own when it comes to durability and withstanding the elements. The easily adjustable band is made of soft, medical-grade silicone, which keeps its shape and doesn’t lose elasticity like traditional headlamp bands. The silicone construction also makes for an exceptionally comfortable, bounce-free fit, so you can wear the Bilby Run 400 for long runs and hardly notice you have it on.

The headlamp also has a waterproof rating of IP67. That means in addition to standing up to sweat, weather, or a quick rinse-off at the end of a run, the Bilby Run 400 can be submerged in a meter of water for 30 minutes.

Knog was founded in 2002 as an Australia-based outdoor product company. We are the lovechild of co-founders Hugo Davidson (designer) and Mal McKechnie (engineer) who shared the same vision: to make unboring things. Our products are obsessively designed so that our customers can safely find their version of freedom. Learn more about Knog at us.knog.com

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