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winter warrior trail running races2018 Winter Warrior Trail Race Series

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The Winter Warrior Races Series highlights races during the winter months across North America. Runners can compete in any or all of the four distances: 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon and Ultra. The Winter Warrior Runners of the Year awards will go to the top male and female runners with the most Winter Warrior points in each distance category. They will each receive a prize package courtesy of Winter Warrior sponsors and get coverage in Trail Runner magazine and in enewsletter and online stories.

GRAND PRIZE (Value: $2,099)
The Winter Warrior runner who runs the most participating races in the most regions during the Winter Warrior races will win a solo entry into the 2018 TransRockies Run where the runner will spend 6 days running 120 miles with other TransRockies runners. The race is a multi-day point-to-point trail running race where runners traverse wild and fantastic scenery. The Grand Prize tie-breaker, if needed, will be the runner with the most actual miles.

After the Winter Warrior Series year concludes, Trail Runner will present the following awards:

  1. 10K: The male and female with the most points will win prize packages courtesy of all Winter Warrior Series sponsors.
  2. Half Marathon: The male and female with the most points will win prize packages courtesy of all Winter Warrior Series sponsors.
  3. Marathon: The male and female with the most points will win prize packages courtesy of all Winter Warrior Series sponsors.
  4. Ultra: The male and female with the most points will win prize packages courtesy of all Winter Warrior Series sponsors.
  5. “Trail Mogul” Grand Prize: The runner who completes the most Winter Warrior Series trail races in the most regions will win a grand prize. In the event of a tie, the Grand Prize is awarded to the runner who covered the most miles in their races.

1. Any runner completing a Trail Runner Winter Warrior Series race between December 1, 2017 and February 28, 2018, will be automatically entered in the series. The Winter Warrior series does not include stage, relay, snowshoe, road or adventure/multi-sport races.
2. Trail Runner reserves the right to disqualify any runner who does not abide by Winter Warrior Series race rules.
3. Winter Warrior participants earn and collect points as follows:

A. Race Completion Points: Runners completing any race distance within the race’s assigned cut-off time will receive points equal to one times the number of miles completed. For example, a runner completing a 10K trail race will receive 1 point x 6.2 miles (equal to 10K), for a total of 6.2 points. Runners will not receive any points if they do not start or finish a race (e.g., dropping out at mile 25 of a 26.2-mile marathon will earn no points).
B. Bonus Place Points: For all distance categories, runners will receive additional points for placing in the top three overall places for both male and female racers in their respective race.

Bonus points are assigned as follows for each Winter Warrior category:
1. Third place racers will receive one bonus point per mile completed (in addition to the race completion points, e.g., a 10K would give the runner a total of 12.4 points—6.2 for finishing plus 6.2 for placing third).
2. Second place receives two bonus points per mile completed (in addition to the race completion points).
3. First place receives three bonus points per mile completed (in addition to the race completion points).

Participant point totals are cumulative. As a participant earns Winter Warrior points, they are added to the participant’s previous Winter Warrior Series points total.

1. Following each Winter Warrior race, it is the race director’s responsibility to provide Trail Runner with the race results and runner information within two weeks. Upon receiving this information, Trail Runner will tabulate points for each runner and add them to any Winter Warrior Series points these runners have previously earned.
2. Runners will not earn points if incomplete information is supplied by the race director.
3. Points are tracked by the four Winter Warrior Race Series divisions: (a) 10K (b) Half Marathon (c) Marathon (d) Ultra. Points are only awarded to the actual distance of the race course, regardless of the name of the race. Winter Warrior Series points are only valid for the division in which they are earned.
4. In the event of a Winter Warrior Series points tie for any division-related prize, the runner with the fastest finishing time will be awarded the prize.
5. Winter Warrior Series winners will be announced on and in the June 2018 issue of Trail Runner.

Trail Runner is not responsible for prize fulfillment in the event that an event is cancelled or cannot fulfill its obligations. Only races that supply official race results in the required format count in the official Winter Warrior Series results and are used in the determination of this prize.

After the list of participating Winter Warrior Series races has been officially announced, no additional races will be added. This includes existing races adding another distance to accommodate shorter- or longer-distance runners (e.g., if a Winter Warrior Series race, The XYZ Trail Marathon, adds a 10K event in mid-January, this distance will not be eligible for Winter Warrior Series points). The final, official list of Trophy Series events will be posted on on December 1, 2017.

Trail Runner magazine reserves the right to remove a race from the Winter Warrior Series if race organizers do not provide final results in the correct format within the agreed-upon time frame. In the event that race directors do not provide results within the required time frame, participants of their events will not receive points for their completed miles.

Trail Runner magazine collects runners’ contact information for use only in communications related to the Winter Warrior Series and Trail Runner magazine. Trail Runner does not sell or share this information with any outside party.

Trail Runner Winter Warrior Series races are arduous and often held in remote locations far from medical help and with rough footing and many potential dangers, including, but not limited to, falls, high altitude, wildlife encounters, contact with other participants, the effects of weather, including lightning, high heat, extreme cold and/or humidity and race-course conditions. It is not recommended that you enter and/or run in any Trail Runner Winter Warrior Race Series event unless you are medically able and properly trained.
DO NOT participate in these activities unless you are an expert, have sought or obtained qualified professional instruction or guidance, are knowledgeable about the risks involved and are willing to assume personal responsibility for all risks associated with these activities. Trail Runner further disclaims any responsibility for injuries or death incurred by any person engaged in these activities and assumes no liability whatsoever for any participant in any Winter Warrior Series race. In the event of litigation, venue shall be proper only in the County of Garfield, State of Colorado. Participation in any Winter Warrior race constitutes racer’s consent to race rules listed above.