Daily Tips for the Desk Worker

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Many trail runners have to spend eight to 10 hours at a desk each day for work. If that describes you, don’t despair. With some strategic exercises, you can consider that time useful for recovery and adaptation, like you are a more productive version of a pro athlete. Try these four exercises:

1. Walk around. Every hour, set your watch to remind you to walk around for five or 10 minutes. Walk briskly, as if there is an urgent meeting down the hall.

2. Stand up. Every 20 minutes, stand up, moving your hips forward to engage your glutes and relax your hip flexors. This motion looks a bit like a “thrust,” so be careful where and how you do it. A standing desk is another option if that works for you. Note that some runners complain about standing desks making their legs more sore for afternoon runs.

3. Foot circles. Every 10 minutes, do 10 to 20 foot circles in both directions. Keeping your legs engaged will help keep the blood flowing.

4. Push-ups. When you hit that afternoon lull, do a set of push-ups (and planks if desired). They get your blood flowing and can release hormones that speed up the healing process.