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Building a Trail Town from Scratch - Page 2

Taking the First Steps


Jim Unckless and Dave Schaeffer belong to the Crescent Trail Association (CTA), a nonprofit organization of volunteers who help plan, develop and maintain the Crescent Trail in Perinton, New York. They agree that the first step in turning your city into a trail town is to assess opportunities for space to establish trails. These can be on public or private lands. Says Unckless, "After roughly determining the route you want, you need to find out who owns the land and contact those people to describe what you want to do and how it will impact them (hopefully minimally).”

After determining ownership of the land in question, Schaeffer suggests the next steps:

1. Have a plan. Objectives, ideas and trail-map designs will move you in the right direction.
2. Get buy-in from local officials.
3. Engage volunteers.
4. Develop partnerships with local outdoors groups.

Says Unckless, “We work closely with the town—with the Supervisor, Planning Board, Conservation Board, Parks Department and DPW, to push for trails on town land and as part of new developments. Developers can deed land to the town or otherwise provide open space and easements for trail rights of way."


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