Too Much of a Good Thing

How to know if you're overtraining

It was a crisp autumn day, the kind made for finding peace, and even though I was standing at the trailhead, I had zero desire to run. ...

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Night Running

Running at night isn't as scary as you'd think

It was three o'clock in the morning in rural northeast Kansas and, watching two steadily moving lights bobbing on the black horizon ...


Convert Cross Training Minutes to Miles

I work out on an elliptical trainer and would like to know how to count those "miles" in my running log? ...


GPS Accuracy?

Ask the Coach

I have run a few 50-milers, where the race website claims, for example, 9500 feet of climbing, but my GPS ...

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Run Free

Some new twists on trail running

Trail Tips

Ask the Coach: Avoid that Breathless Feeling

For the first mile or so of my runs, I feel tired and out of breath, and my heart rate is high.

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