The 10 Commandments of Healthy Running

How to stay happy and injury-free on the trails

Injuries and Treatment

How to Ace Europe's Hardest 100-Miler

Shorter-distance specialist David Laney came in 3rd at the notoriously tough UTMB, through relaxed—rather than regimented—training


Ask the Coach: Am I Eating and Drinking Enough for Cold-Weather Running?

Nutrition and hydration are just as important in late fall and winter

Ask the Coach

How to Get Started in Fastpacking

Expand your trail horizons with an overnight adventure

Trail Tips

My Husband Thinks Running is Selfish. What Should I do?

Ask the Coach: Communicating your love for the trails to a non-running partner

Ask the Coach

3 Hard Running Workouts You Can Do Before Work

How to make the most of your limited training time

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