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Q&A with Fall Trophy Series Leaders - Page 7

Gino DiCarlo, 39, Windsor, ON
4 races, 319.48 miles, 780.8 points
Currently in first place for Male Ultra Category
Also currently in first place for Male Most Miles Run

DiCarlo running the Sulphur Springs 100 Mile. Photo by Ryder Photography.

How long have you been trail running?
I started last year in August, Dirty Girls 24hr.

How many miles a week do you typically run?
With the frequency and number of races I'm doing this year, only time to recover in between. In the off-season, I was shooting for 100.

What’s your favorite pre-race meal? Aid station food? Post-run snack?
Pre-race - Chicken and potatoes
Aid Station - PB&J
Post-run - Protein shake with Glutamine and Wheat Grass

What do you do when you’re not running?
I manage a Fitness Club, and spend time with my family.

What’s been your favorite Trophy Series race this year, and why?
Dirty Girls 48hr. The longer, the better.

What running-related goals do you have, either for this year or further in the future?
Hoping to do 10 day in New York next year in April.


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