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Beyond 26.2 on Dirt - Page 3

5. Find a reason to finish.

Perhaps the most important advice for finishing your first ultra is just that: finish your first ultra. While this may seem simple, going into race day with a “we’ll see how it goes” attitude may lead you to a DNF.

Before the inaugural Run Rabbit Run 100 Mile in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, race director Fred Abramowitz told a room full of race entrants, “You are not all going to finish. Some of you are going to have good reasons for DNFing and others not so good reasons. One hundred miles is a long way and the only way you’re going to finish is if you find a reason to finish. I don’t care if it’s as simple as telling yourself that you don’t want to show up to work on Monday and explain to your co-workers that you dropped out of a race. Find a reason and believe it.”

No doubt, running your first ultra is going to be hard. But you already knew that. You’re going to suffer, and, at times, you’re going to want to quit. But decide why you’re going to persevere and repeat it to yourself over and over when you get tired and feel like giving up.


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