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Double Dipsea

The Double Dipsea is a chance to run the Dipsea race (see our coverage of Dipsea from earlier this month here) in Marin County, California, twice—once backwards, from Stinson Beach to downtown Mill Valley, and once in the direction of the “single” Dipsea, from Mill Valley to the beach, 7.5 miles each way.

Runners descend 688 stairs, then ascend them on the return; they will also navigate the 1300-foot Cardiac Hill and lots of wet, technical footing in the Muir Woods—all twice. And like the Dipsea, racers are given head starts, with the oldest runners receiving the largest handicap (and women receiving a head start over men in every age group).

The handicapping made no difference, though, for Alex Varner of San Rafael, California. His time of 1:36:31.3 was the fastest overall—even with handicaps factored in—even though Varner, a 26-year-old male, did not get a head start.

Varner recorded the fastest overall time at the Dipsea earlier in June, but finished fourth overall.

Fifty-five-year-old Roy Rivers of Mill Valley, California, finished second in age-graded results with the 11th fastest time overall (1:58:00) and a 20-minute handicap. Lisbet Sunshine, 48, of Larkspur, California, was the first overall female and ninth overall, with the 44th-fastest time (2:16:37) and 27-minute handicap. She was followed by 31-year-old Caitlin Smith of Oakland, California, who ran the 17th fastest time (2:04:01) and had a 14-minute handicap, good for tenth overall.

Full handicapped results can be found here.

And results without handicapping can be found here.


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