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Other Races

Mount Wilson Trail Race

Jon Clark of Rancho Santa Margarita, California, won the Mount Wilson Trial Race in Sierra Madre, California, Saturday with a time of 1:02:53. Sixteen-year-old Aaron Zambrano of Sierra Madre was less than a minute behind in 1:03:45, and Eli Rodriguez finished third in 1:04:09.

In the women’s race, Michelle Barton, of Laguna Niguel, California, won in a time of 1:19:38, well ahead of Mireya Vargas of Pasadena, California, who finished second in 1:24:51. Trish Marshall, of Sierra Madre, was third in 1:25:01.

This was the fifth annual Mount Wilson Trail Race, which is run in the Sierra Madre on the historical Mount Wilson Trail. The trail was built in 1864 by Benjamin I. Wilson, and closely followed a trail used in 1771 by the Gabrielino Indians to carry timber from the mountain to the construction site of the San Gabriel Mission. The 8.6-mile course gains 2100 feet of elevation between the start and finish.

Full results can be found here.



Sulphur Springs Trail Run

Christina Clark of Guelph, Ontario, won both the women’s and overall races in the Sulphur Springs 50K Saturday in Ancaster, Ontario. She clocked a 3:59:46, over seven minutes ahead of men’s winner Dave Rutherford, of Waterloo, Ontario, who ran a 4:06:54, and nearly 35 minutes ahead of women’s runner-up Jennie Haw of Toronto, who finished in 4:34:20, good for eighth overall. Anna Dowse, also of Toronto, was third among women and ninth overall in 4:46:59. Mitch Free of St. George, Ontario, was second among men and third overall in 4:07:35, and Rick Whitford of Ottawa, was third among men and fourth overall in 4:15:35.

Glen Redpath of New York City, won the 100-mile race in a time of 15:40:22. Dale Draaistra of Brantford, Ontario, was second in 17:53:27 and Ed Schmidt of Kitchener, Ontario, was third in 18:33:50. In the women’s division, Gina Dhaliwal of Mississauga, Ontario, finished first (eight overall) in 19:53:52, while Lisa Van Wolde of Innisfil, Ontario, finished second (12th overall) in 20:40:36. Iris Cooper, of Toronto, finished third (15th overall) in 21:49:21.

In the 50-mile race, Adam Hill of Orillia, Ontario, won in 6:49:44, nearly 10 minutes ahead of Corey Smith of Nottawa, Ontario, who clocked a 6:59:32. Matthew Vanpopta of Hamilton, Ontario, was third in 7:09:22. Kat Clewley of Burlington, Ontario, won the women’s race and placed sixth overall in 7:51:35. Toronto’s April Boultbee finished seventh overall—second among women—in 8:02:44, and Dawn Hamel of Coldwater, Ontario finished third (ninth overall) in 8:07:36.

Complete results, as well as results from the 25K, 10K and 100-mile relay races, can be found here.


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