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5 Crazy Things that Happened at Hardrock - Page 3

3. Ships Passing in the Night.

For the third year in a row, Diana Finkel (above) of South Fork, Colorado, dominated the women’s race and held a substantial lead over her nearest competitor, Darcy Piceu (below) of Boulder, Colorado—until, once again, she was forced to drop with a potentially serious health issue late in the race, this time at the Maggie aid station (mile 85.1).

Piceu at the famed rock at the finish line. Photo by Matt Trappe.

When Piceu arrived at Maggie, just minutes after Finkel had been transported from the aid station, the volunteers neglected to break the information that she was now the lead woman. She spent but a few seconds at the aid station, before blasting out trying to run down the imaginary Finkel. Fortunately, Piceu’s pacer lingered at Maggie, eventually gleaning that Finkel had dropped, caught Piceu and delivered the news. So, for the third year in a row, Piceu soldiered on to victory in the women’s race.


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