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Hill Billy Half Marathon: Run Your Pace

You Will Run Your Best Race When You Run Your Pace: Valuable Lessons learned in Washington ...



photo by On the Run Events

Travel—it’s one of the sweetest perks about participating in a nation-wide race series. So far this early season, I’ve experienced the red slickrock slabs of Moab, Utah, tripped over the rocky and rooted trails of Reading, Pennsylvania, and finally, discovered the obstacles in Olympia, Washington.

I arrived to cloudy skies with a light drizzle when my plane landed in Seattle, Washington. With my face glued to the airplane window on the descent, I hoped to score a glimpse of impressive Mount Rainer. No such luck.

I was driving my rental car south towards Olympia 30 minutes later, cruising at a mach speed of 20 miles-per-hour, eyes peeled for my homestay. Bingo! I would be stationed in downtown Olympia with a Brooks-sponsored road-running stud, across from a park where they filmed Prefontaine. Hello motivation!

Race day weather included overcast skies (again) and strong 20-mile-per-hour winds, making the 42-degree temp feel 10 degrees colder. I knew I would warm up after the first mile or so, and that the wind would decrease substantially within the trees. Conditions would be perfect.

After climbing the first 1.5 miles up a cinder fire road, we turned onto Rock Candy Trail, which at first glance was a pleasant singletrack. The tall pines created an amazing canopy and the bright green flora popped up in places where the light could shine through.



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