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Patagonia Evermore (Spring 2013)

7.8 ounces / 4mm drop / $110


The Dirt: Patagonia is entering the minimalist market with this sub-8-ounce offering. Highly breathable uppers and a slim, integrated footbed offer a light, fast feel.

The low-profile design is intended to keep the foot in touch with the terrain, while an EVA forefoot rock plate helps distribute pressure.

Minimal cushioning contributed to the nimble feel, but left some testers’ feet feeling sore after 10 miles or more.

Best For: Shorter distances on dry, runnable terrain ... or as a go-to shoe for traveling—its stylish profile transitions easily for casual wear.

Traction: Most testers struggled with getting enough grip on snow, mud or any technical terrain; one described the tread as “not terribly confidence inspiring.”

Fit: The Evermore fits very snugly throughout the mid-foot, while a flared toebox allows the toes to splay.

The Downsides: It lacks the all-around cushioning and traction for confidently attacking aggressive trails. Remarked one tester, “Something about the shoe seemed very not-made-for-running.”

“I liked the compromise of weight and support, but I didn’t feel confident planting my foot and changing directions in adverse conditions.”
—Michael Logan, Carbondale, CO


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