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Dog-Friendly Trail Races

Four-legged friends welcome here

Graham Johnson with Mia at the Beacon Rock 50K in North Bonneville, Washington. Photo by Glenn Tachiyama

Did you catch our story on running with dogs in the latest issue of Trail Runner? Check out ‘Dog Days on the Trails’ [April 2013] for an array of tips on running with your pooch, including gear suggestions.

In the same vein, we asked our Facebook followers several weeks ago to help us compile a list of dog-friendly trail races. Below are some of the dog-friendly races you shared with us. If you have more to share, let us know in the comments below. (If the race website does not include a dog policy, we will verify with race directors before adding to our list.)

Please note: Never assume that your dog will be permitted to run a race with you. Leash regulations vary. All rules subject to change. If the race website does not specify its policy on dogs, you should always consult the race director ahead of time.










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