Edda Stickle, 74, Does Double Duty at Dipsea as Runner and RD

At the 106th running of the Dipsea, race director Edda Stickle hopes to earn her 30th finish


Mike Wardian Placed 4th at a 100-Miler, Then Ran a 1:18 Half One Day Later

Just another weekend for this extremely prolific athlete


All the Mountain-Running Stoke You Need in One 7-Minute Video

Three days of running and good times by the campfire in Montana


Dumb Luck

A pacer overlooks one little detail

Last Gasp

This Fruitarian Can Fly

Michael Arnstein has run some of the world’s most difficult ultras eating nothing but fruit and vegetables


The Champion of Crested Butte

Stevie Kremer, second-grade teacher and top mountain runner, trains without a training plan

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