Meghan Arbogast Defies Age

The 55-year-old ultra ace has raced well for decades, and is beating competitors 20 or 30 years younger. She tells us how.


VIDEO: Sunup to Sundown on a Classic English Trail

A two-minute montage from the scenic Pennine Way


The Challenges and Rewards of Filming at Western States

Smythe is the director of "This Is Your Day"


VIDEO: Bombing Downhill With Two of the Country's Fastest Mountain Runners

What Joe Gray and David Roche, 1st and 2nd at the Barr Mountain Trail Race, look like mid-race


5th Place UTMB Finisher Disqualified After Testing Positive for EPO

Gonzalo Calisto of Ecuador tested positive in a drug test conducted at the finish line, according to a UTMB press release


VIDEO: Skyracing in Squaw Valley

The beautiful, brutal Broken Arrow Skyrace

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