Send us your words, photos and art.

Trail Runner’s “Exposure” section is looking for submissions. 

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We’re so glad you’re here. And because you’re here, you’re a part of a community that is SO special, SO varied, SO unique. 

That’s why we want to hear from you.

Here at Trail Runner, we strive to reflect the breadth and depth of our community. Part of that is to feature and celebrate the talent that exists in our community. So, send us your art, poetry, photography, music, recipes and everything else creative that we do every day. We hope you’ll share that with us. We want to see your art, your poems, the ways you express yourself as a human and as an athlete. And hey, we might put it in our magazine!

The next edition of Trail Runner will be environmentally and sustainability-focused. We want to expand our definition of stewardship when it comes to the land we live and run on. Each of us has a unique relationship with that land and with the world around us, and we know we’ve all been inspired by it in different ways. How have you been inspired? How do you connect with the land?

Questions? Submissions? Get in touch with us! Email our assistant editor, Reagan Colyer, at We can’t wait to hear from you.