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Do you believe running to be more mental or physical?

There are so many highs and lows, but I feel like it’s a strong mental component that matters at the end of the race. My legs might be tired, and I'm ready to be done, but I've always found energy to finish strong.

What about trail running inspires most?

During tough mental or physical race bouts, it has been the trail-running community that keeps me going. I've met so many awesome people through the sport. Everyone is so fun, loving and encouraging. I know that no matter how far I am behind or ahead, I have a community of runners there to support me.

What is your training like?

My training is a mix of trails and roads—trails as much as I can get to them. I live a few miles from some great Pennsylvania trails, and run them as often as I can. I used to track mileage, and be concerned about numbers, but this year I got away from that and focused on more quality workouts, especially back-to-back long days.

My favorite Pennsylvania trail is the Mid State Trail, which traverses some remote areas. I’ve done countless runs on it without seeing a single person.

What are your upcoming goal races?

I don't have many race plans because of being focused on my Colorado trip, but my biggest goal is the Oil Creek 100. I'd really like to come close to the male course record.

Which trail runners do you look up to?

I look up to Ann Trason. She dominated the field back in her day, and many of her records still stand, which is impressive because of how competitive ultrarunning has become. I also admire Dakota Jones. He brings such a positive energy and enthusiasm to the sport while always cracking jokes about his peers.


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