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21 Questions with Anton Krupicka - Page 4

15. What other interests keep you motivated?

I'm really inspired by artists. Writers and musicians mostly. When I encounter something that evokes emotion in me—a novel, a song—it makes me want to continue to strive to be the best version I can be of myself at what I seem to do best, i.e. run in the mountains. To continue to strive for that authentic experience.

16. Favorite recent book, band?

I read Don DeLillo's Mao II in early June and thought it was incredible. Prescient, ringing with truth, poignant.

Also in June, Hamilton Leithauser released his first solo album, Black Hours. He's the former frontman/lead singer from the now disbanded The Walkmen, which is my favorite band all-time. His new album is great; it's definitely been the soundtrack to my summer so far.

17. If you could have anyone in the world pace you at a 100-miler, who would it be?

My dad, hands down. He's always been my biggest supporter but is definitely a little skeptical of the 100-mile experience, having witnessed me have some pretty serious physical issues at Leadville a couple of times. I'd just like him to have a chance to see what it's really all about.

18. What's your favorite brunch spot in Boulder?

Probably Luciles.

19. What races or adventures are still on your bucket list?

Too many. Nolan's 14 and Hardrock are nearest the top.

20. What will you do differently, if anything, this year at Speedgoat than last year?

Start my push for the finish earlier. Last year, I started running harder at Larry's Hole (mile 21, I think). This year I'll do that once the course kicks up again at the water pipe before Sinner's Pass, so probably mile 19ish or so. There's some steep hiking terrain there and then a fun, fast downhill that I'll try to take advantage of, because, unless Sage has a terrible day, I'm sure I'll be playing catch-up again in the second half of the race, and I probably won't be chasing just Sage at that point either, considering this year's field.

21. What do you consider your top three achievements in trail running?

Good lord. Tough question. Not because I'm particularly well-achieved or anything but because it feels really unnatural to assess oneself in that way. As for races, I think my best-executed three races were the 2007 Leadville 100, the 2010 Western States 100 and the 2010 White River 50. I was particularly happy with my run at Cavalls del Vent in 2012 and Speedgoat last year, too, but they're still really too recent for me to judge with any perspective.

If I look beyond races, we move into really esoteric, subjective adventure-type things that I particularly enjoyed or where I felt really dialed-in all day long: Gannet Peak FKT in Wyoming, random scrambling link-ups of Boulder's five flatirons, linking the first five peaks of Nolan's 14 in 10 hours in Colorado, stupid stuff like that that no one else should really care about or even know about.

But, mostly, the fact that I've somehow been able to finagle running into a full-time gig the last few years still surprises me on a daily basis. In very real terms, that certainly feels like my most significant achievement, and I am unendingly grateful for it.


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