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21 Questions with Anton Krupicka - Page 2

5. Do you have a favorite race distance?

Not really. I like that 50-milers are long enough to test your will if raced hard, but not so destructive as to require a ton of recovery, like 100-milers. However, like most [competitive ultrarunners], I enjoy the 100-mile distance simply for the sheer challenge and uncertainty involved. Racing that distance takes you to places internally that you just can't access until you have 70 miles or so on the legs.

6. Do you see yourself racing more or less in the future?

About the same. I'd like to do five or six ultras each year, body willing.

7. Who do you look up to in the trail/ultra running world and why?

Honestly, anyone who is exhibiting passion, appreciates the natural surroundings and seems to be doing it with sincerity.

As far as individuals go, I'm currently inspired by Jared Campbell's enthusiasm and creativity in the mountains; Kilian Jornet's next-level performances, proficiency across all mountain disciplines and clear passion and respect for the mountains; and Andy Anderson's low-key bad-assery.

Who's Andy Anderson? A climbing ranger with the round-trip FKTs on both Colorado's Longs Peak and Wyoming's Grand Teton. Both were truly exceptional performances from a guy who never races and barely anyone has ever heard of.

From the past, I tend to get inspired by guys who were doing a mix of running and climbing and doing interesting things in both. Chris Reveley and Boulder's Briggs brothers, Roger and Bill, come to mind.

8. With your recent interest in more technical runs and climbing, where do you see yourself taking that interest in the future?

I don't really have any concrete ambitions in that regard beyond continuing to improve and gain experience while staying safe. I'd like to become a better all-around climber, simply so that in the summer I'm more skilled for moderate, technical alpine scrambles and can move more safely and quickly on that kind of terrain in a minimalist fashion. Beyond that, I think I'd like to get up some classic big mountains in the future, so want to continue to gain experience on snow and ice.


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