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Kasie Enman Gets Ready for U.S. Mountain Running Team Qualifiers - Page 3

What have you learned from the Loon course that will help you next weekend?
The first time I raced Loon, I tried to race hard and fast but was thrown off by the downhill and demoralized by the Upper Walking Boss. The second time I was sore from racing at Mount Cranmore the previous weekend, and went out much slower and just tried to get through it. Dave Dunham and Paul Kirsch asked me at the finish line if I thought I'd broken the course record. I had no idea. It wasn't until a day or two later when Paul emailed me that I had broken it.

Last year, Loon was the weekend following the U.S. Championships so I was just running it for fun and wasn't trying to go super fast and was surprised to find that I took another couple minutes off the record. So, I guess what I've learned is that you run it best when you're having fun and not trying to force things. Not an easy task in a championship or qualifier race!




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