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Corrine Malcolm, the Multitasker - Page 2

Photo courtesy of Corrine Malcolm

Malcolm maintains a part-time class load through MSU online, but hopes to complete one of her three remaining semesters this fall, before she will turn her attention to the Olympics.

“Unfortunately the biathlon season is mid-November to mid-March, so it’s not conducive to school schedules,” she says. “It’s not easy living the Olympic dream.”

What does come easy for Malcolm, considering she is not specifically training for it, is trail running—assuming her biathlon coaches allow her time off to race. This past weekend, she finished second at the Jenkins Mountain Scramble 10K, besting the old course record by over 10 minutes, and this July, she will line up at New Hampshire’s Loon Mountain Run in the hope of qualifying for the U.S. Women’s Mountain Running Team, which will travel to the World Mountain Running Championships in Italy this September.

Which came first: running or skiing?
Running is how I started. My mom was a runner and I can remember in middle school being dropped off places and being told to run home. Running was basically the first thing I fell in love with. Unfortunately I was prone to getting hurt. When I started running for the high-school cross-country team I had knee surgery, and I spent every fall on crutches for six weeks or so.

How did you get into skiing?
After two years of back-to-back injuries it was suggested that I try cross-country skiing in the winter instead of running year-round. I’m from Hayward, Wisconsin, a ski town where the American Birkibiener finishes on Main Street, but I’m not from a ski family. We’re from the east coast. I didn’t grow up on skis. So at first, I was awful at it. I hated it and skiing even 5K was a chore. I have no idea why my coaches put up with me. But something clicked when I was 17 or so, and I fell in love with skiing. And instead of skiing to stay in shape for running, all of a sudden, I was running as cross training for skiing.

After that I moved to Bozeman, to attend Montana State University. I went there to ski and also ended up running cross country, sort of by accident. But after two years I dropped out of school and moved east to pursue biathlon.


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