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Photo by Nathan Smith

Why Strip Down?
For those (most of us) who aren’t accustomed to recreating outdoors au naturel, the thought of running unclothed might sound painful or embarrassing. “Many bare-buns participants have never been naked in front of 100 people, so stripping down and racing takes a lot of guts,” says Ron Horn, director of the Bouncing Buns 7K Clothing Optional Trail Run in Sunny Rest Resort just north of Allentown, Pennsylvania. His race drew upwards of 100 runners in only its second year.

With nude events spanning the United States, the only excuses for not partaking are the ones in your head. Sue and Gary Butts (no joke!), directors of the North Carolina-based B.A.R.E (Butts-A’Runnin Race Enterprises) series, which boasts eight clothing-optional events from South Carolina to Vermont, have seen participation in their eight events double since 1999.

Says Gary Butts, “We hear many people come back and tell us they weren’t embarrassed, because it was such a relaxed atmosphere and no one cares who’s got what.”


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