Julie Urbanski February 25, 2014 TWEET COMMENTS 1

CDT, Ultra-Style

A couple kicks into high gear for the latter half of their 187-mile journey across rugged Colorado terrain on the Continental Divide Trail


“How many miles do we have left?”


“And when are we supposed to meet them?”

“Friday at 6:00 p.m. I know they’ll be there on time.”

It was Wednesday evening and my husband, Matt, and I were lying shoulder-to-shoulder in our one-person tarp tent, having stopped for the evening because we’d lost the trail in the dark. We were deep in the Weminuche Wilderness of Colorado on the Continental Divide Trail, headed for Spring Creek Pass, where our friends from nearby Creede, Colorado would be waiting for us in less than 48 hours. Without a cell signal to call our friends to reschedule, and with the likelihood that they’d call Search and Rescue if we didn’t show up, we needed a plan for covering so many miles in such little time.

We never meant to put ourselves in such a predicament.


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