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First Look: Munk Pack Protein Cookie

Munk Pack Protein Cookie

MSRP: $17 for pack of 6

When the package of Munk Pack Protein Cookies was delivered to the Trail Runner office, there was a blurred frenzy of activity. Before I could choose a flavor for myself, they were gone.

Not just bored editors in need of something to nibble while scrolling Facebook, these cookie hounds were pumped to try a new healthy snack for the coming weekend’s adventure, be it trail running, climbing or skiing. Without one of my own, I had to ask my co-worker, who snagged my preference, the Double Dark Chocolate Flavor, his thoughts.

“Most ‘healthy’ cookies taste like cardboard,” he said. “But that one tasted like some straight-up Otis Spunkmeyer! [Read: A good thing.] And, after reading the label, I like the mega calories it packs. I hate energy bars, but, I’d stuff my hydration pack with these.”

The vegan Protein Cookies come in four flavors, and pack a punch—each three-ounce cookie contains 18 grams of plant protein and around 350 calories. Additionally, they are non-GMO, gluten free, soy free, dairy free and cholesterol free, and contain no sugar alcohols.

—Megan Janssen is the Assistant Editor of Trail Runner. She is currently cookie-less.