Recoup Your Strength After a Race

What to eat and drink after a hard effort to optimize your recovery time



7 Surprising Smoothie Boosts to Try This Summer

Bolster your post-run smoothies by tossing in a few unconventional ingredients

Daily Nutrition

Is Better‘n Peanut Butter Really Better?

Ask the Dietitian: The skinny on low-fat, peanut-butter alternatives

Ask the Dietitian

Recipe: Quinoa "Fried Rice" and Wasabi Meatballs

A comforting dish with Asian flair, excerpted from Matt Fitzgerald's 'Racing Weight Cookbook'


Lean, Light Recipes for Athletes

Book review: Matt Fitzgerald's Racing Weight Cookbook (+ a recipe for quinoa 'fried rice' and wasabi meatballs)

Daily Nutrition

How Can You Detect Nutrient Deficiencies?

Ask the Dietitian: Affordable ways to help monitor your vitamin and nutrient intake

Ask the Dietitian
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