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Deena Kastor's Juice Recipes

Boost your energy with these fresh, homemade fruit and vegetable juices

Photo by Peter Morning/MMSA

Olympic medal-winning marathoner and American record holder, Deena Kastor, shares several of her personal juice recipes.

Makes one 12 oz. glass

2 oz cantaloupe
4 oz orange juice, fresh squeezed
4 oz apple
1 oz sugar beets
1 oz fresh ginger

Wash all fruit skins to remove any residual dirt. Process all the fruit except the beets through your juicer right into the glass or pitcher. Stir gently to combine.

Process sugar beet separately through the juicer, into a glass or a pitcher.

Using a spoon, pour the beet juice into your glass over the spoon and watch the Sun Rise.

Photo by Peter Morning/MMSA

The Green V
One 12 oz. glass

1 oz Black Tuscan Kale                                                         
2 cucumbers with seeds and skin                               
2 oz celery stalk                                                                                      
1 oz Italian Parsley
2 oz honeydew melon
4 oz granny smith apple

Wash all fruits and vegetables before processing to remove any residual dirt.

Process all the fruits and the vegetables through your juicer into a pitcher or glass. I suggest processing the apples last as a good way to cleanse the juicer.

Stir slightly and enjoy!

These juices are also available at the Green V, a vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free cafe in Mammoth, California.


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