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The Future of Trail-Running Gear - Page 3

Trend 2: Athlete-Driven Design

Across the board, companies are inviting athletes to be a part of the design process. At our meeting with Patagonia, a solid contingent from the Ambassador team joined in to share their roles in developing Patagonia’s Spring ’14 line of trail runners. Jeff Browning, in particular, has been involved at every step of the way in creation of Patagonia’s brand new, road-inspired, 4mm-drop EVERlong trail-running shoe (available mid-November this year).

From left to right: Patagonia Ambassadors Jeff Browning, Krissy Moehl and Luke Nelson

Before our meeting, Luke Nelson had done his first test run in the EVERlong, taking it up and down the nearby Mount Olympus (9026 feet) in the Wasatch Range. He reported back on how secure his feet felt in it, especially on the descent.

Over at Ultimate Direction (UD), another pioneer in athlete-driven product design (including a line of signature hydration vests from Scott Jurek, Anton Krupicka and Peter Bakwin), Jenny Jurek and a team of women athletes have been working on a special line of women-specific packs, available January 2014. Read on to learn more!



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