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Scott Sports eRide Ice Runner


$140, 9.6 ounces, www.scott-sports.com

The sturdy eRide Ice Runner proved to be an good all-around winter-running shoe, thanks to a breathable, water-repelling upper made of Ion-mask, a layer 1000 times thinner than a human hair that is molecularly bonded to the shoe’s upper. Testers lauded the shoe’s exceptional breathability, even in warm temps.

One tester stood in a three-inch-deep puddle for a few minutes to test the Ion-mask, and reported that his feet never got wet.

The mid-sole, called eRide, tested by the Human Performance Lab at Calgary University, was proven to be more energy efficient than standard mid-sole designs.

: With a name like “Ice Runner,” testers expected superior traction. While the shoe’s shallow multi-shaped and -directional lugs gripped soft snow-packed trails, they lacked bite in mud.

Fit: The shoe runs a little short and narrow, especially in the toebox. While the tongue gaiter did a good job of keeping out debris, it made the shoe hard to slide on.

Best For
: Winter running on most surfaces, save extremely slick or muddy trails. The shoe’s rocker profile promotes a mid-foot strike.

Drawbacks: The gaiter does not allow for easy slip on and some testers found even lacing to be difficult.  

: “The Ice Runner performs best on any distance trail run in most wintery conditions. It has enough structure to provide support during an ultra and it’s light enough to feel fast over shorter distances.”
Hank Dart, 45, Hailey, ID



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