First Look: Honey Cloudz Performance Inserts

Honey Cloudz Bra Inserts
Material: 82% Polyester 18% Spandex / Cups: 100% Polyurethane / Application: 100% Medical Grade Silicone
Price: $35

It’s a thing. It happens.

As a female runner, unless you seek out a specific type of running bra, it’s likely that nipping out will happen at some point.

Some people are completely cool with this, some aren’t.

If you fall into the latter camp, consider checking out the Performance Inserts by Honey Cloudz. They are designed to replace a standard bra insert or to be placed against the skin under a sports bra or tank. The inserts stay in place due to their silicone exterior, which grips clothing material and keeps them snug against skin.

They are thin, not bulky and are the same thickness throughout (no push-up styles). Made of durable polyester, they can be thrown in the wash and reused without changing shape. There are six color variations and two styles: half moon and oval. Half moon seems to be the preferred style for performance wear.

After being worn three times on runs of varying temperatures, they absorbed sweat but didn’t get stinky, they stayed in place and, particularly on the coldest of the runs, covered the nipping effect. This is most useful for those long runs that lead into social hours, when the sports bra is damp and chilly but changing clothing isn’t part of the program.

—Megan Janssen is the Associate Editor of Trail Runner Magazine.