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No More Gels - Page 4

Nut Butter and Fruit Preserve Roll-up
Approximately $.50 per roll-up

Probably the number-one, no-frills endurance fuel for the backcountry, a PB&J can take on many forms. Because the innards tend to ooze from between two bread slices, we found the roll-up method works better for mess prevention.

For each sandwich we used two generous tablespoons of all-natural peanut butter, or about half a pouch of Pocket Fuel, and fruit preserves. We stuffed the whole roll-up in plastic wrap and took big bites throughout our run.

Nut butters offer satiating fat for long hours on your feet while jams offer quick energy. If you’re concerned about sugar, stick to the fruit-juice sweetened varieties. We like Spoonful of Fruit, Fruit Classiques, because they are made with more fruit than most jams and green tea is added for additional antioxidants. If you are gluten intolerant, try Food For Life Brown Rice Tortillas.


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