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Running the Volcanoes - Page 2

The breathtaking Laguna Azul (Blue Lagoon) with its crystal waters at the base of Quetrupilan volcano served as a potential cool down for athletes near the end of the day two. Photo by Thiago Diz.

Running solo, 37-year-old ENRICO FAVILL of Brazil took 3:44:35 to complete day one's 31.5 kilometers, putting himself in 19th place. hoto by Thiago Diz.

Thiago Diz, 33, of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has a passion for adventure photography and has documented races worldwide. Says Diz, “What inspires me is the pleasure of being in the wild, desire to connect with the athletes taking their mental and physical powers to the limit and bringing to the world images that reflect that maturing process.” www.thiagodiz.com.br


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