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Randy’s Vegan Wraps (inspired by vegan athletes Ruth Heidrich and Scott Jurek)

After being treated for an aggressive thyroid cancer seven years ago, Randy Kreill of Beavercreek, Ohio, started running and racing triathlons to minimize the possibility of his cancer returning. He fell in love with ultrarunning and became vegan just over a year ago. Kreill provided the wholesome wrap recipe (more like a guideline) below via email, saying, "I'm an improvisor in the kitchen. My three daughters and my rule-following wife will confirm that!"

• In a large saucepan, begin cooking 45-minute cook-time grains like black rice, brown rice or barley with polenta. You can also toss in raw unsalted sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, amaranth or millet.

• After about 30 minutes, add in a 15-minute cook-time whole grain such as high-protein Quinoa.

• During the last five minutes of cooking, add chia seeds and couscous to quickly absorb excess water. (Note: water requirements will be determined by grains. If in doubt, add extra.)

• Add salt and spices to taste.

• Dice vegetables and fruit (the smaller the better for eating and digesting on the go). Kreill likes tomatoes, carrots, parsnips, jicama, spinach, avocado (the more the better), pineapple, celery, cucumbers and snap peas. He says black beans, black-eyed peas, butternut squash or sweet potatoes make excellent additions.

• Roll everything up in a large whole-wheat tortilla slathered in hummus and seal in wax paper. Says Kreill, “Eat slowly, chew fully and keep running!”

For hot days and long workouts, Kreill suggests adding additional salt.

Call for comments! We'd love to hear what you eat on the trail. Comment with your favorite recipes!


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