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Top Trail Towns: Revelstoke, British Columbia - Page 2

Photo courtesy of Revelstoke Chamber of Commerce


> If you can believe it, not a single trail race takes place in or within a couple hours of Revelstoke. Go revel in some self-prescribed adventures instead!


> MOUNT REVELSTOKE SUMMIT TRAIL / The 6360-foot mountain is perched just northeast of Revelstoke. “I begin this run in town and, in minutes, I am alone, in the middle
of nowhere,” says Lanthier. “At the top of the mountain,
trees break to alpine singletrack and wildflowers.” begin 
at the tournament of champions plaza and run about a mile up the Mount Revelstoke trail to the Nels Nelson Historic area. Have a looksee at the former ski-jumping site, and then jump on the summit trail, which climbs a little more than six miles uphill.

Hop on the last little pitch to the top on the upper summit trail before returning the way you came. You’ll net just shy of five grand in climb out of this 16-mile outing.

> REVELSTOKE GREENBELT / access this trail system from centennial park, south of downtown. There are paved and unpaved options, but grab the singletrack and run out-and-back along the narrow, winding, root-y and flat trails along the Columbia river. says Lanthier, “The wet- lands are protected and it’s an amazing refuge for birds. You’ll also see locals out running and riding bikes.”


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