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The Queenstown Dream - Page 5

TRAILHEAD: Queenstown, New Zealand

Getting There. Flights from Los Angeles to New Zealand's main airport hub and largest city, Auckland, on the country's north island, last 12 to 14 hours. The flight from Auckland to Queenstown takes approximately 90 minutes. Plan for a day and a half for travel.

Trail Maps. Outside Sports on Shotover Street in central Queenstown offers a wide selection of quality outdoor gear. Upstairs in the same building is Queenstown's branch office of New Zealand's Department of Conservation (DOC), which can provide invaluable information and maps on regional trails.

Gear. Queenstown's only running shoe store, Frontrunner, is located at the corner of Beech and Cow Lane. The staff is friendly but shoes are almost double the cost of U.S. retail shops'.

Local Transportation. Queenstown offers numerous car-rental options and shuttle-bus services. Unfortunately, during the heavy summer (December through March) and winter (June through September) tourist seasons, car rentals quickly sell out. Make a reservation in advance. Economical shuttle buses are available from central Queenstown, and travel to many popular outdoor destinations. Lastly, Connecta Bus is Queenstown's answer to public transportation and connects the town to all adjacent towns and the Queenstown Airport.

Food. Winnie's, in the heart of Queenstown, sells large custom pizza pies covered in generous toppings, with chewy crust. The domestic beers on tap include the excellent lagers Speight's, Steinlager and Monteith, to name a few. Locals go gaga over Ferburgers big burgers and atmosphere. Queenstown tourists and locals flock to Patagonia Chocolates for a wide array of mouth-watering sweets, ice cream and coffee drinks; it is also one of the few locations in Queenstown offering free Wi-Fi so you can email sweet trail-running pictures with a mouth full of gelato. New Zealand is famous for its seafood and Wai is known for its diverse selection and quality. Queenstown is located in New Zealand's Central Otago region, which is known for its wine production, pinot noir, in particular.


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