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I’m Not Cut Out to Be a Runner


If you are capable of running, then you are cut out to be a runner. Don’t think that you aren’t cut out to be a runner. Don’t let other people convince you of that.

Ignore them.

Don’t waste your time wondering if you got the right gifts from the gene genie to run as fast as you want to run. Don’t wallow in doubt about exactly where that genetic wall is for you when it comes to achieving a dream goal. Sure, genes do play a role in determining your running potential, but persistence, positive thinking, and lots of hard work may shift that proverbial wall. Just how much, I can’t be sure.

Why don’t you have some fun trying to find out?

Why not challenge your mind to see what it can convince the body to do? For Billy Mills, in that famous Olympic 10,000-meter race, believing in himself translated into running nearly a full minute better than his previous personal record.

If you are convinced you are cursed with a heavier endomorphic body type, then turn the negative into a positive.

Heavier runners can evolve into strong, sturdy runners. Stronger runners can usually handle more volume with less chance of injury than their brittle, nimble counterparts.

Regardless of how you look, if you can run, you’re a runner, and you should be proud of that fact. Keep trying.

Don’t quit.

That being said, I believe that runners, regardless of body type or goal, need some sort of fire in them to keep them running. It doesn’t have to be a wildfire that’s been lit by an arsonist. A fire can be pretty much anything that gets us out there onto the roads and trails. A fire can be the desire to impress a loved one, lose weight, win a bet, or simply feel we are taking positive steps toward improving our overall health.


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